Val Degano Turismo e Servizi Scarl


Nido del Picchio

Via Moneana, 5
Comune di Ovaro
4 - 6 beds
From this fantastic cottage completely renovated, while maintaining the traditional character and uniqueness of the "carniche" houses, were obtained 4 beautiful apartments, each characterized by its own peculiarities. We could find a very nice and welcoming furnishing, able to create a unique and unforgettable. Situated in the beautiful and sunny faction of Ovaro, Clavais.
The "Nido del Picchio" consists of two double bedrooms, one of which is characterized by a small sitting room with sofa bed.
Also in this "Nido" we find the kitchen and the living room adjacent, from which it's accessed a large terrace of the house.
From the terrace it's possible admire our carniche pearls, landscape not easily forgettable.
Beds available: from 4 to 6