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The 24 houses of the Albergo Diffuso Zoncolan are distributed in the three villages of Ovaro, Raveo and Prato Carnico, all are equipped with bed linen and towels, TV and equipped kitchen. They can accommodate 2 to 14 people and differ in type and size, according to the needs of our guests. The reception at Ovaro is a 30-minute drive from the A23 motorway, Carnia/Tolmezzo exit.

The Albergo Diffuso also manages the Camping&Caravan Zoncolan, and the restaurant "Il Grop", the right place from where to start a journey of the senses in the discovery of the Carnic cuisine, enjoying the ancient and simple taste of its traditional dishes.

Di Rasat di Sora Via Soratet, 12
Frazione Ovasta
1 - 4 bedsBeautiful and antique house located in Ovasta, hamlet of Ovaro. Completely restored, enhancing the external facade made entirely of stone with the... Details
Casa CatusFrazione Pesariis, 138/b
Prato Carnico
Val Pesarina
2 - 8 bedsThis house is located at the beginning of the hamlet of Pesariis in Val Pesarina and offers a beautiful view in the Dolomites of Pesariis. The... Details
Il stali di Ettore e LuiginaVia S. Vigilio, 37
2 - 3 bedsThe fantastic structure characteristic of Carnia with a garden, is located in the centre of Ovaro. From the living room's windows you enjoy a... Details
Nido del Falco Via Moneana,5
Comune di Ovaro
2 - 6 bedsHawk 's Nest, by this beautiful completely renovated house , maintaining the traditional character and uniqueness of the Carnic houses , they... Details
2 - 6 beds Details
Via Caduti 2 Maggio, 24
2 - 4 bedsThe fantastic cottage at the entrance of Ovaro is completely renovated, combining elegance and technology, divided into 2 cottages with garden and... Details
In SessanderLocalità Patusera
Comune di Ovaro
4 - 8 bedsA spacious,recently refurbished one-storey house.On the first floor are two double bedroom with an eztra single bed in each,one twin... Details
Cjase Fravins BVia Norsinia, 21
1 - 2 bedsCjasa Fravins B , charming palace , located in the heart of Raveo , surrounded by silence and nature. Divided into three houses with central... Details
Cjase dai Fornasirs 2Via del Monte
2 - 4 bedsCjase Fornasirs 2 , elegant house in wood and stone , two leased accommodation on multiple levels , modern furnishings , bright and spacious rooms... Details
Via Moneana, 5
Comune di Ovaro
4 - 6 bedsFrom this fantastic cottage completely renovated, while maintaining the traditional character and uniqueness of the "carniche" houses, were... Details
Cjasa Fravins D Via Norsinia, 21
2 - 3 beds Details
Da FilipVia Tanviela, 6
Frazione Cludinico
2 - 5 bedsThe armony of the mountain colours and the rural flavour of the ancient Cludinico hamlet, with its typical barns and stone houses, are a... Details
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