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Val Pesarina

The Val Pesarina, rich in woods, meadows, running waters, tiny lakes mirroring the sky, and rugged or gentle mountains, is one of the seven valleys of Carnia. Severe and enchanting, the original place of anarchists and popes, it is a territory that certainly never leaves you indifferent: it is the valley that best narrates and contains the magic of the Friulian mountain, guardian of ancient traditions and, at the same time, visionary and innovative.

 Its inhabitants, the "cjanalòtz" use to call it simply "Cjanâl" or canal of San Canciano. It is mostly known as the Valley of time, since at the end of the 1600s started a production of handmade watches, still active today.                
The grassy peaks of the Rioda, Pieltinis and Novarza mountains form the backdrop to numerous alpine dairy farms, where it is possible to rediscover ancient flavours. The various rural hamlets, with stone houses embellished by arches and sloping roofs, together with unspoiled nature are the ideal place for those who look for a restful holiday.

 Worth a visit are the beautiful village of Pesariis, Casa Solari or Casa dell'Orologio, dating back to the XVI century and the Museo dell'Orologeria Pesarina (Pesarina Watchmaking Museum), which houses a precious collection of watches, whose oldest mechanisms date back to the seventeenth century. Do not miss out Casa Bruseschi with authentic old furnishings and accessories. 

In the hamlet of Pieria there is a small but rich historical museum of photography and cinematography machines inaugurated by Dante Spinotti (director of photography of many famous American films who lives in America but is originally from Muina, a hamlet of Ovaro).



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