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Ovaro and its thirteen hamlets. A sunny valley enclosed by a natural crown of mountains, woods and meadows. Its hamlets, gems set on the slopes of the mountains, retain the appearance of the past and offer an atmosphere of charm and authenticity.

The "Balcone della Valle Degano" (the Balcony of the Degano Valley) is a small piece of Carnia and boasts spectacular landscapes as well as precious cultural sites. An enchantment for the eyes are the nineteenth-century Palazzo Micoli -Toscano, better known as "The Palace of the 100 windows" with a characteristic green tile roof, typical buildings such as the Casa De Corte with its elegant portals, the ancient church of Santa Maria di Gorto and its small museum, the early Christian basilica of San Martino and the archaeological excavations. Places of the heart, connected by paths, the "trois", which meander through colourful woods and connect the numerous votive churches spread along the valley, whose frescoes, sculptures and altarpieces have an inestimable historical and artistic value.

And even more... starting from the exhibition "Planelas e Scugjelas", unique testimony of the work of the furnaces in Upper Carnia and then visiting the Museum of Timber and the Venetian Sawmill, heritage of an era, that of the Serenissima, for which timber was an essential resource. Switching from the white flour of the old mill of Baûs, still working, to the black dust of the coal extracted from miners coming from a variety of places and working in the Creta d'Oro mine in Cludinico: experiences that magically bring the visitor back in time.

Ovaro is also an ideal place to enjoy beautiful summer walks, a perfect starting point for hikes in the high mountains or to visit the dairy farms that with their excellent products have created a gastronomic circuit of absolute excellence.  After having reached the summits of Monte Arvenis and Col Gentile, after having climbed the slanted slopes of the Kaiser Zoncolan, the famous hardest climb in Italy as well as a paradise for cyclists and skiers, the guests of "Davâr" (the Frulian name of Ovaro) will enjoy the poetry of its colours in every season, savouring the slow rhythms, the sense of freedom and harmony with nature, still uncontaminated. A simple but tasty cuisine awaits them in the valley, skilled hands that still know how to create, living traditions, festivals and fun.


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