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malga arvenutis

The discovery of huts

The huts are typical constructions of the mountain , used in summer for the housing of livestock and the production of cheese and other dairy products . These structures are evidence of a distant past , a past of hard work and sacrifice . Throughout the summer a few huts offering visitors the chance dipernottare between enchanted peaks of the Friuli Venezia Giulia . Best huts will open the doors of an ancient dimension . Currently , in Carnia are several dozens of huts in which turns milk into cheese , mixed milk cheese , fresh and smoked ricotta , butter , yogurt , and cheeses formaggelle to cow's milk or goat . At some huts you can also taste homemade salami . The project " VIA MALGHE Carniche " - " Karnischer Almweg " , offers trails in the nature of the Carnic Alps and in the valleys of Carinthia following the culinary traditions of the area .