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The Ascent Ovaro - Zoncolan

The Ascent Ovaro - Zoncolan, with its maximum gradient of 22 % and its average gradient of 11.9 % in just 10.5 Km in length is the hardest climb in Italy and among the five toughest in Europe. Some come from Australia to train here on the climb which corresponds to the hardest stage of the Tour of Italy. You can train on one of the other four sides that are not as hard as it, or a spectacular itinerary like the overview of the Vette : 6 km at 2000, selection for the Tour of Italy in 2011.

Albergo Diffuso Zoncolan offers :

• the ability to match the bike to sports massages

• area - workshop with bench vice and equipment for routine repairs

• Detailed information cycling area

• the opportunity to prepare meals at home after hours

• maximum privacy


This is the minimum for those who like to feel the bike like a second home .

14906964_1867582853494870_4765754534694586737_n Signage on the road leading to the Monte Zoncolan The arch located in Ovaro to mark the beginning of the climb Winter landscape in the mountain Zoncolan Winter landscape in the mountain Zoncolan  Sunset on Mount Zoncolan Sunset on Mount Zoncolan Track on the Zoncolan Going up to the top of Mount Zoncolan Skiing on the Zoncolan