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Ex Romitorio del Monte Castellano


Seventeenth-century complex of the Mount Castellano

From the center of Raveo you take Via del Monte and, through a paved trail, place of ancient prayers, you arrive to Monte Castellano. Walking up you achieve the top of the hill where you meet the complex seventeenth century of the Franciscan Convent with the small church of Beata Vergine. Its a construction built on the ruins of a previous church; inside its preserve valuable wooden altars and religious paintings of XVII century, brought from Comuzzo workshop. The small Convent Romitorio of Monte Castellano, is an unusual building from century XVII in splendid geographical position, rich of history and memories: " a place of silence that can represent an unexpected oasis of intense and serene peace."

Altopiano di Valide e Luvieis 

Altopiano di Valide e Luvieis and Pani, both absorbed in a suggestive landscape frame, they give precious views and a valuable spontaneous architecture with rural barns to storage the hay.

Archaeological excavations of the Monte Sorantri

To the summit of the Mount Sorantri recent archaeological excavations have brought up an ancient Celtic village, inhabited, it seems, up to the 1° century after Christ.

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