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Prato Carnico

Small Museum of the Photography and the Cinematography

Situated in a small district called Pieria, this small museum is visitable only previous appointment. The lovers of this art shouldn’t miss the opportunity of visiting this place where are exposed various and different types of photographic instruments.

Clockmaking Museum of Pesarina 

The small and curious Museum of the clockmaking tells the history and development of this particular form of craftsmanship in Pesariis, from its start to our days. Located in a rustic place attached to House Bruseschi, which opens to visitors during the summer season, but it can also be visited by previous booking during the rest of the year. You can see ancient devices made for measuring the time, wall clocks from 1600 and tower-clocks that illustrate the technological evolution of the manufacture techniques used in the '700 to the '900. The origin of new technologies are finally documented by some samples of wall-clocks with display and time-recorders from years '30.

Bruseschi House 

Typical middle-class house that has maintained intact the ancient furniture and the furnishings date back between '600 and ‘800. House Bruseschi has been left in inheritance by last owner, Dorina, to the Parish Church. Visiting the house you can discover as in the last centuries a carnica middle class family lived: at the ground floor you can see a very characteristic kitchen, with a rich collection of ceramics coming from the Galvani factory of Pordenone and the typical sail-roof in the leaving room. Upstairs, the bedrooms and a studio alternate furniture of local manufacture to others with Venetian influence. The House is open to visitors only on booking or during summer time.

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