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Point of departure 'Cima Zoncolan at the rider monument Altitude difference »910 m / Length" 12.5 km




The path Malga Meleit touches where you can adminis- rare the vastness and beauty of the plateau of Lauco, AT- and cross the Val di Lauco with the majesty of the gorge of Vinadia and reaching the town Vinaio.




From atop the Zoncolan at the monument of the rider's mouth is im- the asphalt road which then becomes a dirt road that con- duce to Malga Tamai. Once at the hut, continue along
the dirt road that winds along the slopes of Mt.
Arvenis; once they reach the highest elevation of this'm stretch of track opens the basin of Malga agareit where, reached the junction of the same and continue along the main track and you reach Malga Meleit: from here you can admire the vastness of 'Lauco plateau.
From Malga Meleit take the road that, with steep slopes, leads into the Val di Lauco; Chias past the pasture below, continue until you reach the valley meadows of Lauco, from whom deserves made a reflection on the premises of the pastures and the industriousness of the few villagers re masti to guard the territory.
Then follow the paved road, without difficulty, you reach the village of Vinaio ... and here, at the edge of the gorge of Vina- dia, in the heart of the plateau of Lauco.


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