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Point of departure 'Cima Zoncolan at the monument of the cyclist. Height difference "1197 m / Length" 16.5 km




The track leads to Malga Meleit from where you cross the south side of Mont Arvenis with a breathtaking view
the Val di Lauco and the Tagliamento basin. Once in Malga Claupa, you enter the Val di Gorto continuing
up to Ovaro.




The start will take place on Zoncolan at the top of the rider monument; from here you take the asphalt road, which then
It becomes a dirt road that leads to Malga Tamai. You come here you continue along the dirt road that winds along the
slopes of Mount Arvenis and once they reach the highest elevation of this stretch of track opens the basin
Malga agareit. At the crossroads of the same, continue along the main track reaching Malga Meleit.
Just before the hut you leave the dirt road and take the track to the right, which, crossing the south side
Monte Arvenis, leading to Malga Claupa; the old military mule trails winding along the steep slopes of
Mount and among ups and downs a little 'challenging and breathtaking views, you can admire the plateau extension
Lauco and the Tagliamento river basin. After a last challenging effort we will take you to Malga Claupa and from there
take the dirt road that, crossing the saddle, leads into the Val di Gorto; intersection with the dirt road Ovaro-
Arvenis, turn left and reach the hut Arvenutis. From here on, the road becomes paved and without big
difficulty, arriving after 8 km Lenzone.
From the town, continue downhill and you enter the Ovaro-Liariis road, going down the hill we reach the square of Ovaro.


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