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Point of departure 'Ravascletto, Hotel Sportur Vertical drop »521 m / Length" 11.5 km




It is a path that connects with Ravascletto Ovaro, following a very old path in the midst of woods cen- tury
lari and unspoiled nature.




The start will take place in the resort town of Ravascletto at the Hotel Sportur, from where you take the forest trail that goes up towards the sports field, after which you will come across a detour to the right that leads into the woods. From here, with a steady climb and a bit 'challenging, climb up to the highest elevation of the track and, again on dirt track, it begins to descend up to a clearing where the track ends. It continues on a path downhill, very challenging but fascinating, it will quickly lose 150 m, then liaising left to merge in a narrow path that allows you to cross the Rio Secco and join with the next easy forest track leading to Clavais.
It reaches the tarmac road had turn right and follow it through the woods, until you cross the next street
Clavais-Tauz; Here you turn left and you arrive in the square in Clavais; you enter the municipal road leading to Liariis and arrived in the square, turn left to exit the country.
Passed the last house, turn right onto the path that leads to the countryside, coming near
an establishment where, crossed the asphalt road, we continue on the dirt road that leads up area of ​​Lenzone.
From Lenzone continue in the direction of the sports field and multifunctional, come here, you turn left. At the fork
Next, turn right to reach the square of Ovaro, in the shadow arc Zoncolan input port
for the climb-myth Ovaro-Zoncolan.


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